According to CBS Los Angeles, a spa in Koreatown was at the center of controversy after a woman posted a viral video on social media about seeing a naked man in the women’s section. “He is a man,” the woman can be heard saying the video. “He is not no female,” the station reports. “Wi Spa declined to comment on the specific incident, but said employees follow state law, which makes discrimination against transgender customers and other gender non-conforming people in business establishments illegal.”

Now there are protests and counter-protests outside of Wi Spa, and things are getting ugly.

Of course there’s a literal dumpster fire as part of the festivities:


According to the Left, the violence is coming from white supremacists, not black-clad “anti-fascists” who gang up on individuals.

Antifa is pretty damn white.

These are the guys Chris Cuomo compared to the soldiers storming the beach at Normandy, thought Don Lemon did admit that “no group is perfect.”

* * *


Newsmax correspondent James Klüg recently arrived and this is what’s going on outside the spa: