For a while there, thanks to Robin DiAngelo, “white fragility” was at the forefront of racial discussion. The new white fragility, though, is “white rage.” As Twitchy reported, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley “fired back” at Republican critics of critical race theory training in the military, blaming the storming of the Capitol Building on “white rage,” and he wants to know more about it.

Tom Elliott noted that “white rage” suddenly became a hot topic:

CNN’s Brianna Keilar relentlessly pushed GOP Rep. Michael Waltz to blame white rage for Capitol riots. CNN’s Brian Stelter took on Fox News’s Tucker Carlson (as usual) for criticizing Milley, tweeting, “You are White rage, Tucker. You are. And you know it.”

So, what does white rage look like? Jack Posobiec posted a photo mosaic of white rage and encouraged everyone to tweet it at Joy Reid.

Good question.

Are these the white supremacists Attorney General Merrick Garland warned us about?

How many of these people inflicted with white rage had their riot-related charges dropped?