It seems that “white rage” is, well, all the rage these days. The media just can’t stop talking about it.

Brian Stelter has identified Tucker Carlson as the personification of white rage, without actually defining white rage or explaining how Tucker Carlson is white rage. White rage! Do you understand?

And this morning, Stelter’s CNN colleague Brianna Keilar busted out the term multiple times during an interview with GOP Rep. Michael Waltz, who disagrees with Joint Chiefs Chair Gen. Mark Milley’s belief that the military should be trained in Critical Race Theory and understanding white rage:

Aside from repeatedly asserting that the military was “overrepresented” in the horde of rioters who stormed the Capitol on January 6, Keilar seemed weirdly committed to getting Waltz to attribute the riot to white rage.

Waltz unequivocally denounced the rioters. He made no excuses for them. But that’s not enough for Keilar as long as he opposes blaming “white rage” for their behavior.

It seems safe to say that Brianna Keilar and Co. wouldn’t attribute last summer’s rioting to “black rage.” So why is “white rage” acceptable?

The “white rage” memos have gone out. So brace yourselves for more — the media are only just getting started.

Editor’s note: Rep. Michael Waltz’s last name was initially misspelled in the headline and body of this post. We’ve corrected the mistake and apologize for the error.



Here’s Waltz’s message after the interview: