Ever since the Florida legislature passed the Parental Rights in Education bill, inaccurately referred to by most of the media as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, people have been risking it all to show their displeasure. Actor Mark Hamill tweeted the word “gay” as many times as would fit into 280 characters. Florida House Democrats put out a TikTok video of people saying “gay.” Florida Senate Democrats put out a video of themselves roaming the hallways and singing “gay gay gay.” Shockingly, none of these people were jailed.

One Florida senator took things to the next level and put tape over his mouth with the word “gay” written on it. Does the tape stay on after the bill’s signed into law?

“Unwarranted hate?” Keeping sex-ed out of classrooms until the fourth grade is unwarranted hate? Jessie Kelly had the suggestion for conservatives to go on the offensive and call out the “groomers” who want kindergarten teachers to lead discussions about gender fluidity.

Farmer earned himself quite the ratio.

As we’ve said, if you follow Libs of Tik Tok, you’ll see plenty of self-identified teachers being very explicit that talking about sexuality with little children is exactly what they want to do.

Yeah, buddy, this one didn’t get missed.