People are really up in arms about schools not teaching children in pre-K through third grade about sexual orientation and gender identity. We mean, that’s what Florida’s bill would disallow, and we’d bet a good cross-section of Americans would have no problem with it. As we’ve noted, “critics” and the media have pushed the nickname “Don’t Say Gay” and are protesting … by saying “gay.”

If we’re reading the username on this TikTok video correctly, it looks like it was put together by Florida Rep. Anna V. Eskamani, and shows adults sticking it to the man by saying “gay,” the forbidden word. As John McCormack at NRO notes, they’ve revised the bill to change “classroom discussion” of sexual orientation and gender identity to “classroom instruction by school personnel.”

Anyway, here’s that stunning and brave video:


We don’t get it either … it must be very, very important to them that kindergarteners get classroom instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity.


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