As Twitchy has reported recently, some liberals have started to be red-pilled when it comes to school districts’ policies when it comes to “protecting” schoolchildren from COVID-19. In December, New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg reacted to an NPR interview with U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy about the damage lockdowns have done to the mental health of young people by noting all the times she was told not to be concerned because children are “resilient.” The next day she noted that her kids’ school had asked parents’ permission for their children to eat indoors, socially distanced on the cafeteria floor, because it was getting cold outside.

A couple of weeks later, Goldberg had written a shameless column rewriting the history of COVID measures which was then retweeted by none other than Randi Weingarten, saying it described “why we worked so hard to re-open schools 4 in person learning.”

Now, white woman Jill Filipovic retweeting white woman Katherine Goldstein’s tweet about an Atlantic piece on the damage of school COVID policies has drawn the ire of academic Matt Gabriele.

The disdain privileged white women have for their own children is stunning.

Democrats are telling the nation they’re souring on the party because of its stance on COVID policies for school children, and Gabriele is telling them to shut up rather than have the party actually listen to why they feel that way — a winning strategy.