We didn’t know if this was worth a post or not, but then we thought there are Twitchy readers in states where schools never closed and life went on as normal for their school-aged kids. So there are probably lots of schools like this one; we’d already reported on a California school district that sent home a note suggesting parents send their kids in rain gear or pack a change of clothes because COVID rules force kids to eat lunch outside regardless of the weather.

Yesterday we did a post on New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg, who reacted to an NPR interview with U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy about the damage lockdowns have done to the mental health of young people by noting all the times she was told not to be concerned because children are “resilient.”

Goldberg is back today tweeting about a New York City school where they’re letting kids eat indoors when it gets too cold if they have their parents’ permission.

We’re assuming they either have those circles marked on the floor or count tiles or something for spacing kids six feet apart.

It’s sort of amazing that all of the data we have from Europe means nothing to school administrators here.

How about the parents who don’t give permission and have their kids eat outdoors no matter how cold it gets?

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