Tuesday on NPR’s “Morning Edition,” Steve Inskeep interviewed U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy about his advisory paper entitled, “Protecting Youth Mental Health.” The paper was inspired by statistics showing that young people have not been weathering the COVID-19 pandemic well — or more precisely, what adults have done because of the pandemic. Murthy told Inskeep:

Before the pandemic, one in three high school students reported persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness. That’s a 40% increase from 2009 to 2019. In a similar time frame, suicide rates went up 57% among youth 10 to 24. And we’ve also seen that during the pandemic that rates of anxiety and depression have gone up. So this was a challenge before. The challenge has gotten worse. And I believe that this is a critical issue that we have to do something about now. We can’t wait until after the pandemic is over.

Michelle Goldberg, a columnist for the New York Times and MSNBC contributor was listening and almost had an epiphany:

She’s almost there.

We remember the push to reopen schools being attributed to white supremacy.

Remember in the spring of 2020 when Bethany Mandel tweeted this and there was a pile-on of blue-checks calling her a “grandma killer”?