As of this writing, “Grandma Killer” is still trending on Twitter in the United States after Bethany Mandel posted a thread where she invited people to call her a Grandma killer for bringing up some pertinent questions about the lockdown with no end in sight as long as one person could die from COVID-19. Here’s a sample of her thread in case you missed it:

Obviously a lot of people, including Soledad O’Brien, are piling on Mandel to keep “Grandma killer” trending, and CNN’s Joe Lockhart decided to add his two cents by listing a whole lot more people Mandel would kill to reopen the economy.

We’re going to editorialize a bit and say that Mandel is a good person, and a lot of good people want some idea of what it will take to open society back up. A vaccine? That could be more than a year away.

Maybe when they tell us when it’s OK for people to leave their homes, or does that only come with the guarantee that not one person will die from COVID-19?

The governor of New York is a regular guest on his little brother’s show on CNN. Maybe Chris Cuomo could ask him how many grandmothers he killed by forcing nursing homes to accept COVID-19 patients.

Is Joe Lockhart still taking a paycheck from CNN, or was he furloughed weeks ago? Maybe if unemployment hit the cable news networks the rhetoric wouldn’t be quite as insane.


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