As Twitchy just reported, Massachusetts Republican Gov. Charlie Baker tweeted a statement “on today’s somber anniversary” that includes the following about January 6th, 2021: “One of those officers who lost his life that day was William Evans, a North Adams native who tragically leaves a beautiful family.”

Except Evans lost his life on April 2 when Noah Green rammed the North Barricade at the Capitol. Another officer was injured. According to the USCP, Green exited his vehicle with a knife after ramming the two officers and was then shot and killed.

Not to be outdone, Speaker Nancy Pelosi held a moment of silence for four law enforcement officers “who died because of #January6th”:

So she also included Brian Sicknick, who was determined to have died from natural causes the following day.

As we noted Wednesday, Attorney General Merrick Garland in his speech named five police officers who had responded to the Capitol riot who had died since January 6.

Where are @ddale8 and @glennkessler?


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