We really feel for the late Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick — his death has been used as a political football by people who desperately need for there to be January 6 casualties other than Ashli Babbitt. He was originally reported bludgeoned to death with a fire extinguisher — something the New York Times finally corrected on February 15. CNN’s Jake Tapper tweeted that Sicknick was murdered. Then he was cremated and we didn’t hear anything for a long time; it was April 19 when we heard from the medical examiner that Sicknick died of natural causes after the storming of the Capitol, suffering two strokes. There were no indications of injuries. The lawyer for another Capitol Police officer who told Congress that Sicknick had been killed later said the officer’s comments “were not meant to be interpreted as a medical diagnosis.”

We’ve been through all of this before, obviously. But now, since it’s Insurrection Week, Joy Reid’s program The ReidOut is tweeting that Sicknick died from wounds inflicted on January 6:

Joy Reid spreading misinformation?

She might not know it — the media barely reported on it, and it was months after the fact that they released the medical examiner’s report.

We see Twitter hasn’t tagged it as misinformation, and none of the usual fact-checkers has weighed in. But Twitter did put up one of those handy notices that “conversations like this can be intense.”


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