There’s been a bit of confusion over the death of Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick, who died soon after the riot at the Capitol on January 6. Several news outlets reported the night of January 7 that a source had confirmed that Sicknick had died after being hit in the head by a fire extinguisher; however, a spokesperson for the Capitol Police issued a statement saying that the reports were not accurate, and no one had died.

Sicknick did die, but the question of whether he died of blunt force trauma after being hit on the head with a fire extinguisher has arisen. Allahpundit over at Twitchy sister site Hot Air posted a piece on Sicknick last week investigating his death. The fire extinguisher narrative seems to have been false; Tucker Carlson had noted that, according to the head of the Capitol Police union, Sicknick had a stroke. CNN updated its reporting: “One leading theory that investigators are considering is that the suspects sprayed an irritant, perhaps bear spray, that caused Sicknick to suffer a fatal reaction.”

Now Andy Ngo is reporting that the New York Times on Sunday appended a correction to its story.

Noah David Alter reports for The Post-Millennial:

“Law enforcement officials initially said Mr. Sicknick was struck with a fire extinguisher, but weeks later, police sources and investigators were at odds over whether he was hit,” the story now reads. “Medical experts have said he did not die of blunt force trauma, according to one law enforcement official.”

The article had initially stated that Sicknick died “from brain injuries he sustained after Trump loyalists who overtook the complex struck him in the dead with a fire extinguisher.”

The paper used anonymous sources to substantiate their claim.

The article was later cited by a variety of mainstream media outlets without questioning the reporting of the paper. His death was even brought up by Democrats during Trump’s impeachment trial in the Senate.

What everyone seems to agree on is that Sicknick texted his brother after the storming of the Capitol and told him he’d been pepper-sprayed twice but was otherwise “in good shape.”

Glenn Greenwald posted a thread about it Sunday:

We don’t know.

Nope. Twitter detectives already turned in the guy who killed Sicknick with the fire extinguisher — a guy who didn’t do it.

It’s a tragedy in any circumstance, but with so many people exploiting Sicknick’s death for political reasons, it would be nice to have a definitive answer, and not emptiness.