Kudos, we guess, to USA Today for actually considering the opposing viewpoint in its story on “inclusive” math instruction that tries to promote equity and access for kids of color. We’ve literally been doing posts on how math is supposedly racist for years now, as well as the “fixes” that have been suggested. A few years back, Seattle’s public schools adopted a math curriculum that looks at things like “power and oppression” and “resistance.” This year, California endeavored to do away with “white supremacy culture” in the mathematics classroom.

And it’s not just the United States; Ontario’s published ninth-grade math curriculum is decolonial, equitable, and emphasizes the need to challenge systems of power and privilege.

As Twitchy reported this spring, Virginia was moving to end all advanced math classes before 11th grade as part of its “equity-focused plan.” All students would take the same math courses for two years before being allowed to advance.

Yes, asking students to show their work is white supremacy, as is focusing on getting the “right” answer.

Math just happens to tick a lot of boxes that make up “whiteness,” as it’s been defined for us.