As Twitchy reported, Netflix employees held a walkout Wednesday to protest the streaming service’s choice to air “The Closer,” a stand-up special in which Dave Chappelle made jokes about trans people (and everyone else) and stated that “gender is a fact.” It’s difficult to tell how many were there protesting, and how many were reporters from media outlets, and how many showed up in support of Netflix and Chappelle.

PBS NewsHour on Wednesday evening will look at the backlash against Chappelle, which “is at a tipping point” and may make Netflix “a stigma brand.”

It was enough to earn very serious tweets from GLAAD and George Takei.

Speaking of public broadcasting, NPR’s critic thought Chappelle failed “to justify button-pushing jokes about gay people, trans people, and feminists.” If there’s anything that’s a stigma brand, it’s NPR.