We have to take back something we said earlier; seven days ago, we’d given credit to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki for saying that although the viral video of Border Patrol agents rounding up Haitian immigrants with “whips” was “horrible to watch,” she did leave some room for the truth, saying that the video “needs more context.”

In other words, the White House wasn’t going to jump to conclusions. But then the administration placed the border agents involved on leave pending an investigation and stopped the use of horses by the Border Patrol. President Biden said the agents “would pay” for something they hadn’t done. Only a couple of days after the “needs more context” hedge, Psaki told reporters the Border Patrol agents had taken “brutal and inappropriate measures against innocent people.” A quick investigation, huh?

Now, a week later, the El Paso Times, which had reported that a border agent in the viral photo “swung his whip menacingly,” has walked back the claim that anyone had a whip. In fact, a lot of media outlets have pulled back on the whipping claim. What does the White House have to say about that?

They were trying to turn back Haitians who would otherwise end up in a shantytown of 12,000 under a bridge, which we guess the White House thought was OK.

Seeing as there is no wall, they were trying to make one as best they could. But now even the use of horses is “horrible and horrific.”