Joe Biden promised today in no uncertain terms that the mounted Border Patrol agents who whipped Haitian migrants before running them over with their horses will pay:

Once more, with feeling:

Biden’s either so senile that he doesn’t know that the “whips” narrative is complete BS, or he actually believes the footage shows Haitian migrants being whipped and run over. Or he knows it’s BS and is willing to lie through his teeth for purely political purposes.

All three of those explanations are possible, and all three mean that Joe Biden has absolutely no business standing up there.

Well, at least those Border Patrol agents can take some comfort in knowing that they’re not the only people suffering undeserved consequences.

Well, Joe? You gonna deploy the drones? That seems to be how you like to get sh*t done.

When you’re president, they let you do it.

What a disgrace. Just an abject disgrace.

Must be nice for Joe Biden, knowing he can count on the media to have his back.

They’ve already fallen for it. They support it. Hell, they’re actively helping with the redirection.

Get used to it. This is where we’re at now.