We’ll give White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki some credit here after at least two reporters asked her about those photos and video apparently showing the Border Patrol rounding up Haitian migrants with whips. Non-journalists can look at the photos and see reins, not whips, but Psaki said the video is “horrible to watch.” But, to her credit, she also said the video needs more context than she can provide — in other words, proof that the Border Patrol is actually using whips.

PBS News’ Yamiche Alcindor, who’s tweeting that “the agent [in the photo] swung his whip menacingly,” asked if there would be any consequences “if what we’re seeing is what we’re seeing.”

Way to fact-check, Reuters.

Honestly, just look at the photo. He’s grabbing the guy by his shirt.

She’s waiting for more context … which again, to her credit, is a good thing — although this is happening under the Biden administration, so it’s in her best interest if we’re not seeing what Alcindor is seeing.

Truth … though sadly most of the press corps seems to have bought into the original premise.