As the Los Angeles Times puts it, “far-right rage over transgender rights” led to chaos in front of Wi Spa in Los Angeles this month. One woman who was with her daughters at Wi Spa didn’t think transgender rights included the right of a biological male to walk around naked in the women’s-only area. She protested, Antifa counter-protested, fights broke out, and the whole cycle repeated itself a couple of weekends later.

We first reported on rioting in front of Wi Spa on July 3; police clashed with Antifa during more unrest on July 17. Again, the progressives aren’t protesting the spa, which said it was just following state law, which makes discrimination against transgender people illegal.

Andy Ngo reports that today is the Queerpocalypse Takeover Performance for Trans Rights in front of the spa, and a Trans Black Lives Matter band is headlining.

Hey, we didn’t say it.

The good news; not only do you get to see the band, but you get to hear them: here’s 11 seconds if you can handle it: