We did a few posts earlier this week on how a maskless Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre took questions from the press and didn’t answer Fox News’ Peter Doocy’s question about why Americans are being asked to mask up again while the Border Patrol is releasing COVID-positive migrants into small towns in Texas.

On Friday, Newsmax’s Emerald Robinson asked Jean-Pierre how the CDC is testing for the Delta variant. That led Jean-Pierre to exclaim that the White House isn’t doing the testing; it’s the experts. She seemed befuddled by the entire question.

Count how many times she uses the word “experts” if you can, and then consider that the “experts” and now telling us we should leave sex off of birth certificates, because of science.

From what we’ve read from the experts, the answer’s pretty simple. COVID tests can detect a variant, but not determine the specific variant. Just say that.

It’s a reasonable question: if we’re going to shut down again over the Delta variant, how does the CDC test to make sure it’s the Delta variant that’s spreading?