All of the Texas House Democrats are shameless, and their stunt to deprive House Republicans of a quorum has resulted in no results and a lot of embarrassing tweets, like photos of their bra and panties drying over a shower rod in the hotel to Rep. Gene Wu’s breakfast leftovers chewed into the shape of a smiley face to troll Fox News after they covered his photo of a salad in a styrofoam container, his “first meal as a fugitive.”

Wu really has emerged as a national figure over his horrible tweets; he doubled down after attacking the appearance of a Republican colleague with autism, and now that three of the fugitives have tested positive for COVID-19, he’s responding by taking criticism as “vocal support” for “a national masking requirement” — which is funny, seeing as none of them were wearing masks on the private jet that brought them to D.C.

The ratio on those tweets was pretty epic; 561 comments on the second one versus 10 retweets. And almost every comment was a photo of the Democrats on that private jet with no masks.

This guy just never gives up.

That picture has been tweeted to him more times than we can count.

He thinks his tweets are brilliant.