A week ago we had no idea who Gene Wu was.

It was a better time.


In case you missed it, Gene Wu is one of the BRAVE and HEROIC Democrats who ran like little girls from their responsibilities in Texas. Gene has wasted a lot of time on Twitter, talking about how brave he is, and feeding every annoying stereotype and caricature we could come up with for a lefitst legislator.

Serious train wreck here.

For example, this thread where he went on some nasty attack on fellow Tex Rep Briscoe Cain is a doozy.

Oh, did we mention Gene is attacking a man with a disability?

Cain has Autism.

But you know, Cain ‘knows his Twitter rule’ and he asked for it or something.

Wow, this guy is a serious bully. Maybe if he ate more than fruit and yogurt he wouldn’t be such a prick on social media.

Seriously, we have covered some nasty Democrats but this guy is a mess.

He kept going.

Why do Democrats always attack the way people look?

We thought they were the kinder and tolerant party.

Just kidding, we know better.

Or you know, it’s Texas. Maybe he actually is a cowboy?

And why TF does Gene have all of these pictures?

This is … creepy.

Classy, Gene.

Hey, this editor is all about the equal treatment of people REGARDLESS of a disability, but that Gene is an elected official doing this to another elected official with Autism on Twitter?

Yikes. Not a good look.

Someone seriously needs to take Gene’s Twitter away.



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