But this is so unlike Nikole. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.

Communism solved racism.

You know what? We got nothin’.

There is literally nothing we can say to make her belief less horrible.

Communism is responsible for tens of millions of deaths …

From PJ Media:

“Cuba is poor. Cuba is communist. Cuba violates human rights and represses dissent.”

“Education is the cornerstone of the revolution,” she wrote. She praised the communist country’s education and health care systems, saying the latter, in particular, is a “world model.”

“Black Cubans especially are wary of outsiders wishing to overthrow the Castro regime. They admit the revolution has been imperfect, but it also led to the end of codified racism and brought universal education and access to jobs to black Cubans,” she argued. “Without the revolution, they wonder, where would they be?”

Under the communist revolution, where are they now? They are in the streets, fighting for freedom. Some of them have been arrested for speaking their minds. After all, unauthorized public gatherings are illegal in Cuba. Funny how communism works that way.

Funny stupid, not funny ha-ha.

Hell yeah.

Everyone wins.

Yeah, we feel shocked.

Oh, wait.



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