Democrats from the Texas legislature fleeing to Washington, DC to prevent some Republican bills from being voted on has been one of the most shameless political stunts of the year and chock full of performative nonsense (though the media are doing their part to try and make them look as heroic as possible).

But now it looks like their days of parading around DC for photo ops with other Democrats could be coming to an end. Sen. Amy Klobuchar called the Texas Dems “freedom fighters” who came to DC “to seek salvation,” but instead they ended up spreading Covid around:

And just as a reminder:

Additional details from the Statesman:

They’re among nearly 60 lawmakers who fled the state Monday to break quorum in the House, part of an effort to block the passage of a GOP-led elections bill. Most members are staying in the same hotel.

One member found out about their positive test result late Friday evening, but they do not have symptoms, caucus officials said. All House lawmakers were alerted and received a rapid test immediately following the member’s positive result.

Two additional members tested positive in a rapid test on Saturday morning and one has mild symptoms, the caucus said.

The Texas Democrats’ stunt has been an across-the-board PR backfire.

Way to go, Texas Dems!

Lucky for them they’re Democrats:

CNN, MSNBC and others would be in full 24/7 freakout mode while predicting how many thousands would die for their political stunt.