You can’t necessarily blame presidential candidate Joe Biden for being cagey about whether he’d pack the Supreme Court if he were elected. In October of 2020, he said “it depends on how this thing turns out,” gave “60 Minutes” “the swampiest lib answer ever given,” and saw his handlers escort reporters out of an event after he stumbled all over the question. Keep in mind, this is the same Joe Biden who called court-packing a corruption of power back in 2005.

In early April, the White House announced the formation of a Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court comprised of a bipartisan group of experts to tackle questions such as the size of the Supreme Court and term limits for justices.

We’d thought that was a bad dream, but the commission held its first virtual meeting Wednesday.

Sixteen minutes later …

Of, they could just, you know, skip it.

Jeffrey Toobin should have been there to lend the meeting the dignity it demanded.