We’re guessing this video is from today because as Twitchy reported, Joe Biden lifted his surprise lid and made an in-person appearance in Chester, Pa., less than 20 minutes from his home. We’re guessing today because he says he thinks they’re voting on Amy Coney Barrett today (they are, so good for him on keeping up with current events).

Barrett came up in response to a question about packing the courts, his position on which he told a local reporter voters didn’t deserve to know, since the people asking were probably Republicans anyway. He’s since said packing the court depends on “how things go.” We didn’t get to hear his complete remarks, though, because it looks as though campaign staffers escorted the press out of the event as Biden began to stumble.

Hey, he’s been putting in 12-hour days, even on those days when he called a 72-hour lid on his campaign.

We didn’t get to hear the end of his answer, so we’re going to have to assume it still depends on what happens whether President Biden packs the Supreme Court.