We gave Jill Filipovic a hand by changing our headline to read “parents” having children, seeing as she’s used the offensive term “women” and not something along the lines of “birthing person” or “menstruator” or “vulva owner.” Pro-choicers can often be found claiming that no one is pro-abortion, which doesn’t really line up with awareness campaigns like “Shout Your Abortion.”

Jill Filipovic isn’t talking about abortion this time, however. She’s looking for more essays from parents who regret having kids too early, having too many kids, or having kids at all.

What total meltdown? What insane reactions? These?

Filipovic received lots of responses to her query, but mostly from 1) women who’d chosen not to have children and were happy about it, and 2) traumatized children who’d overheard their parents saying they’d regretted having them. Maybe that’s why it’s “taboo” not to write about regretting having children.