It’s a serious question, especially for those of us who don’t live in states that have opened up and lifted their mask mandates: When will it be OK to go to the grocery store without a mask on? What if you’ve been vaccinated against COVID-19? Well, you’re still supposed to wear a mask, because it’s your “patriotic responsibility,” and CNN adds that wearing a mask shows respect for those around you. Science, right?

We told you about this mask Nazi earlier today, but he’d pulled down his video — fortunately, The First managed to grab it, so here’s your chance to see him in action.

It’s no joke that there are plenty of people who’ve gotten used to wearing two masks and will no longer feel safe going out without them, but why do they feel compelled to shame those who don’t share their fear?

It’s always white women.

If we ever see a man approach another man about not wearing a mask, we’ll be sure to do a special post.