Sadly, this ‘hero’ who decided to harass a maskless pregnant woman at Wegmans and then posted the video to Twitter to prove how tough he was to harass her has protected his tweets so you can’t watch the video. Luckily we grabbed a screenshot of his tweet and follow-up tweet so you can at least get an idea of what he was trying to do here.

He blames her for the death of his grandparents.

And he calls her disgusting as a human being and shames her for her privilege … even though she’s pregnant. Threatens her that she’s on candid camera and she should know it.

Then he wags his finger at Wegmans.

What a toughie.

Guess you could say now HE’S on candid camera.


This mask crap needs to end and end NOW.



It’s really sad that in America it has come to this. People feeling justified in attacking one another because of a mask … the instant our ‘leaders’ started mandating the muzzles they made it political and honestly, dangerous. We need to get back to a place where we all remember what it means to mind our own business and go about our day without feeling the need to harass one another over whether or not their face is covered.

This isn’t difficult.



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