So apparently, talking about the data/issues with the COVID vaccine is spreading ‘anti-vax conspiracies.’

That is if Tucker Carlson does it.

Jon Favreau thinks this will ‘get more people killed,’ because they won’t get vaccinated seeing Tucker’s show. Meanwhile, he seems AOK with the president who has been fully vaccinated for months walking around with two masks which definitely has Americans wondering why they should bother with the vaccine if they can’t get back to ‘normal.’ If Biden really wanted Americans to get vaccinated he would stop with the threats and the double-masks and encourage people to get back to normal.

But for whatever reason, we just keep doing the same old dumb thing.

And speaking of the same old dumb thing:

Such a melodramatic little nugget.

No wonder Obama liked him so much.

That was DIFFERENT because orange man was bad.


Authoritarian propagandists.

Yup, that works for Jon.

Seems like a legit concern.



Biden should set an example, take his mask off, and remind Americans that we’re on our way. No more babbling about Independence Day or scratching his empty melon and saying he can’t see the future so he doesn’t know if kids will be in school in the fall. Sadly, we need a leader.

And all we have is a puppet doing the machine’s bidding.

Oh, and Brit Hume responded to Jon’s little tirade and tantrum:

Flat-out false.


And of course, nothing but *crickets* from Jon-boy because he really only tried picking a fight to impress his easily impressed followers. He didn’t really want a debate or a discussion, he wanted to clutch his pearls and screech at Fox for brownie points.

*all the eye-rolls*



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