We’re still trying to figure this out. President Joe Biden was the only world leader on a Zoom climate summit to be wearing a mask, which he said was to send a message to the world. A day later, he emerged from the White House wearing a mask only to take it off and proclaim you don’t need to wear one outside. A day ago, Biden was interviewed on “Today,” where he said wearing a mask even if you’ve been vaccinated is a “patriotic responsibility.”

In other words, no one knows what’s going on. And in that light, the Department of Defense denied a parking permit for American Veterans to hold their (outdoor) Rolling to Remember rally.

The Pentagon did issue a press release, saying “if COVID-19 conditions permit, the department would gladly consider supporting a future event request from AMVETS, potentially as soon as this Labor Day weekend.” That reminds us of when Biden told us we might be allowed to have small gatherings on Independence Day if we all complied with mask mandates and kept our distance.

They’re just afraid that large outdoor gatherings that aren’t Black Lives Matter protests could turn into superspreader events.

Hopefully, AmVets will find an alternative staging area: