As Newsweek reported a few days ago, “Drivers who run down rioters will not be prosecuted under Oklahoma law.” That’s a massive oversimplification of the bill, which follows in the footsteps of similar anti-riot legislation signed into law in Florida. In Florida, Sheriff Grady Judd even brought photos to show the difference between a peaceful demonstration and a riot as “some people are slow learners.”

In its story, Newsweek admits that “HB 1674 exonerates motorists who ‘unintentionally’ wound or kill someone if they were ‘fleeing from a riot,’ providing the driver exercised ‘due care’ and believed it necessary to protect themselves from serious injury or death.” See? There’s a lot more to it than “allowing” drivers to run down rioters.

Talking Points Memo doesn’t seem to think so, publishing a piece arguing that “protecting drivers who ram into demonstrators” is the GOP’s new anti-protest tactic. No, it couldn’t have anything to do with people being shot at at roadblocks or pulled out of their trucks and beaten unconscious by Black Lives Matter protesters.

Cristina Cabrera’s article at Talking Points Memo is behind a paywall, but she does note that “in Oklahoma, drivers can now ‘unintentionally’ ram their cars right into a crowd of protesters without fear of criminal prosecution, even if the demonstrators are injured or killed — as long as said drivers can prove they acted in self-defense.”

Ruth Ben-Ghiat has an equation we don’t quite understand:

Maybe there’s a simpler explanation:


We almost had another Reginald Denny situation after the Derek Chauvin verdict.

Not only is there no consequence; the vice president will help bail the looters and arsonists out of jail.