We’ve already written about podcast host Chelsea Clinton today and her effort to get Tucker Carlson banned from Facebook after Hillary Clinton’s former foreign policy spokesman, Jesse Lehrich, noted that “the #1 post on @Facebook about vaccines today is Tucker Carlson suggesting they don’t work.” That’s really dishonest framing of what Carlson said, however:


Clinton was also on “The View” and doing some concern-trolling about white Republican men, who “are currently the most vaccine weary, the least likely to say that they would be willing to get a COVID vaccine.” (So why is Vice President Kamala Harris out there trying to overcome vaccine skepticism in the black community?) But white men still love Trump, so “they” ought to release photos of Trump and the former first lady getting their vaccinations. That would be even better than teaming up with NASCAR.

We’d say we don’t take medical advice from Chelsea Clinton, but she must have pulled off some medical miracle in her apartment after her mother fainted and had to be chucked into the back of an SUV like a sack of potatoes.

We want to see photos of President Biden and Vice President Harris not wearing masks because they’ve been vaccinated and don’t need them.