We’re halfway into Joe Biden’s first 100 days as president, and the fact that he’s now broken a record going back 100 years as going the longest in office before holding a formal press conference can’t be ignored anymore. On March 1, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters that there were still no plans for Biden to hold a press conference; on March 5, she said that he’d hold a press conference in the “coming weeks” and “before the end of the month” and blamed the pandemic for the delay. “We’re working on setting a final date for that,” was her final answer.

ABC News is out Thursday with a piece about Biden’s limited press access, saying it “raises accountability questions.” Here’s the Washington Post’s Seung Min Kim with the money quote.

Ben Gittleson reports:

[Psaki] said Monday that “the president has done about 40 Q&As since he took office.”

But those exchanges are often devoid of any meaningful back-and-forth, and typically last just seconds.

The president sometimes responds to one or two short questions — if that — while White House staff members yell, “Thank you!” and “Let’s go!” as they usher the journalists out.

“I’m sorry, can’t hear him,” Biden said on Thursday as his aides screamed over a reporter and pushed the press out of the room. The president did not answer the question.

It was just this Tuesday when a video went viral of Biden’s handlers shooing away reporters asking him if there’s a border crisis:

If the International Women’s Media Foundation cares about “online violence,” they should see how Kim is being treated in the comments just for retweeting the story. Like Rep. James Clyburn, they’re claiming the president is busy working and doesn’t owe the media anything. And Kim’s fact-checking colleague, Glenn Kessler, has already given the “but Trump” excuse.

Yep … they’re assuring the press that no one cares but them and that Psaki’s press briefings are more than we deserve. But if you’re such big Biden fans — wouldn’t you like to see him address a joint session of Congress and appear … presidential?