You might not remember this since the White House press corps was so cozy with President Biden’s former boss Barack Obama, but there was actually quite a commotion among journalists about the lack of transparency from the Obama administration. A panel from the White House Correspondents Association said in 2014 that the Obama White House was the worst in terms of access that they’d seen.

It took Obama 20 days to hold his first press conference as president and Donald Trump 27. But Biden is blasting past all contenders and the media can’t pretend not to notice anymore.

Do they consider it a “solo” press conference if Kamala Harris is hovering in the background like a hawk?

We’ll save you the agony of going through Jake Tapper’s comments and reading all of the people saying, “Well, they weren’t working hard dealing with a pandemic.” But wouldn’t a pandemic be a good reason to hold press conferences?

With pre-screened questions from an invitation-only audience, along with CNN’s Anderson Cooper to cover for any screw-ups.

It really does feel like that sometimes … like Biden is still riding that president-elect title.

It had been tentatively scheduled for February 23, but then Speaker Nancy Pelosi spoke up and said an address to a joint session of Congress wouldn’t be happening until a COVID deal had been reached.

A lot of Biden fans are pointing to Jen Psaki’s press briefings as proof of something … but that’s not what we’re talking about here. Biden’s setting a record and there doesn’t appear to be anything compelling him to hold a press conference.

Man, is Tapper in trouble with his followers for even bringing it up. “He’s busy working, Jake? Who cares?” We’d bet media hall monitors Oliver Darcy and Brian Stelter would care if it weren’t Biden.