It really hadn’t occurred to us that President Biden hasn’t addressed a joint session of Congress yet, but there’s a fact-check in Wednesday’s USA TODAY informing us that there’s no deadline for delivering the SOTU, inspired by someone posting on Facebook that Biden was supposed to have given his address by February 20. (The Facebook user did not immediately respond to a request for comment.)

Others have said the SOTU was scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 23, and as a few people have pointed out, PBS NewsHour in New Jersey has the video feed up and ready to go: Watch Live: 2021 State of the Union Special — AIRED: 2/23/2021.

Fox News’ Chad Pergram says Speaker Nancy Pelosi says there won’t be an address until the COVID deal is done.

Dana Loesch talked about it on her radio show Wednesday.

PBS NewsHour seems to have thought so.

We sort of have a morbid curiosity about the whole thing. Maybe he can update us on the state of those kids in cages.