As Twitchy reported Monday, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas insisted that there is no crisis at the southern border. It’s funny, then, that in its big exclusive Wednesday night, CNN would call the influx of unaccompanied minors an “emerging crisis.”

“Internal documents reveal packed facilities, more unaccompanied kids crossing border.” That would explain why President Biden reopened those cage-like “migrant overflow facilities” for minors in Texas and the detention camp for migrant kids in Homestead, Florida that’s reportedly contaminated with military waste. (Former President Trump had shut down the facility in 2019.)

It’s funny how we didn’t see CNN’s intrepid Jim Acosta leaning against one of the border walls shown in that segment and remarking that he didn’t see any crisis. Remember this?

President Biden didn’t tell them not to come; he just sent out Jen Psaki to let them know that “now is not the time” to come and most of them would be turned away.

No, their loving parents are sending them alone across Mexico from Guatemala, Honduras, or El Salvador.

Children being held in “concentration camps” sounds like a crisis to us. Or was that concentration camp talk just a scare tactic?


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