Remember the absolute fit liberals had when then-first lady Melania Trump unveiled her renovation of the Rose Garden at the White House? Blue-checks thought that the small rows of bushes spelled out KKK, while others saw swastikas in her “neo-fascist playground.” There were barely-hidden Nazi symbols everywhere. And how about when USA TODAY fact-checked and found Donald Trump’s “America First” T-shirts featured the imperial eagle, a Nazi symbol (while overlooking the fact that Speaker Nancy Pelosi also used the eagle on a globe in her logo and even had jewelry featuring the imperial eagle)?

Impeachment Task Force leader Alyssa Milano is keeping an eye on CPAC in Orlando and is drawing everyone’s attention to the fact that the main stage is modeled after a Nazi symbol, perhaps the Othala or Odal rune?


Milano’s not the only one to see it:

You know who else used a stage? Hitler.

It’s funny how only liberals seem to have noticed the Nazi symbol, while conservatives, for whom the stage was apparently designed, have overlooked it completely.

It was news to us because we don’t have a passing familiarity with U.S. neo-Nazis.