As you know if you’ve been reading Twitchy, March for Our Lives co-founder and Harvard student David Hogg announced that he was absolutely going to start a billion-dollar company with progressive values to sell pillows in direct competition with Trump-supporting Mike Lindell and his MyPillow. He might have announced the plan a bit early; he didn’t have a name for his company, he didn’t know in which state to build his factory, and he needed someone to come up with a corporate logo by noon (announced just before 8 a.m.) to place in an exclusive in the Washington Post.

Hogg certainly got plenty of publicity, but in the meantime, another company has beaten him to the woke pillow market:

“They just sold 3 months of orders in a mere hours [sic] and are ‘going to the mattress’ up against that other pillow brand by sharing their liberal social and political views,” reads the press release.

#GoodPillow, meet One Fresh Pillow.

We’ll keep an eye on the woke pillow wars to see what Hogg’s next move is; maybe he’ll buy One Fresh Pillow and rebrand it?