We’re certain the New York Times has published plenty of Chinese propaganda since last October, but that’s when we and many others on Twitter made note of this piece putting those pesky Hong Kong protesters in their place:

Now, with the New York Times’ preferred candidate inaugurated as president and ready to revive his old boss’s nuclear deal with Iran, the Times is handing over some real estate on its op-ed page to Iran’s ambassador to the U.N., who assures us that Iran is ready to return to the nuclear deal if all of the sanctions imposed by President Trump are withdrawn.

Yep. Remember when the op-ed page editor lost his job for publishing that piece by Sen. Tom Cotton encouraging President Trump to “send in the troops” to quell the rioting over the summer — and now there are tens of thousands of National Guard troops and a fence protecting the Capitol in case Ted Cruz sends someone to murder AOC? Dozens of employees called in sick to protest and staffers said en masse that the op-ed put black staffers’ lives in danger. But propaganda from China and Iran? Sure!




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