As Twitchy reported Wednesday night, there was a coordinated effort among New York Times writers and other employees to tweet, “Running this puts black New York Times staff in danger” after the paper published an op-ed by Sen. Tom Cotton calling for the president to send in the troops to police the George Floyd protests and handle the looting and rioting and arson sweeping cities across the country.

We came across quite a few conservative Twitter accounts we follow who read the piece and disagreed with Cotton, which is how op-eds are supposed to work; you can read it and agree or disagree or even — in the words of the woke — “open a dialogue.” But Times writers are not happy and Nozlee Samadzadeh posted that she and a couple dozen employees were calling in sick Thursday in protest.

But she’ll be back at work tomorrow, and the Times will be back to publishing plenty of left-wing content as usual.

Now all of the people who claimed they were canceling their subscriptions over Bret Stephen’s column will have to resubscribe so they can unsubscribe again in protest.