Walter Duranty is looking up today and smiling at the New York Times. His communist propagandist legacy lives on in their hallowed pages.

Behold this opinion piece from Regina Ip, who is, as the NYT notes, “a legislator and a member of the Executive Council in Hong Kong”:

Ip writes:

Can a few young people clamoring that Hong Kong is its own “nation” really do that much harm? Does simply chanting some feisty slogans or waving a banner that says “independence” — or holding up a blank sheet of paper in its place — really threaten China’s national unity? Maybe, if those statements and gestures indicate a broader engagement in the organizing, planning, participating or committing of actual separatism. Such activities and situations tend to be dynamic, and their effects can quickly metastasize.

Like it or not, Hong Kong is part of China. And given the two’s vast disparity in size and Hong Kong’s growing economic dependence on the mainland, the city’s progressive integration with China is unavoidable.

Foreign governments should not benchmark what happens in Hong Kong against standards that prevail in Western countries; those are governed by a political system entirely different from China’s. Instead, they should benchmark Hong Kong against the rest of China, and measure how the city can maintain its unique characteristics — openness, a commitment to personal rights and freedoms, respect for the rule of law and the ability to reinvent itself economically. Beijing’s national security law is saving “one country, two systems” by ensuring that Hong Kong does not become a danger to China.

Xi Jinping couldn’t’ve said it better himself!

Yeah, but Hong Kong freedom fighters’ boots don’t taste as good as the Chicoms’.

You mean the same New York Times that imploded over an op-ed from GOP Sen. Tom Cotton?

Pathetic, New York Times. Absolutely pathetic.

But absolutely what we’d expect from them.

Sounds about right.


If only they were capable of shame.

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