As Twitchy reported earlier Thursday, the Washington Post actually did an article on Pete Buttigieg being picked as Joe Biden’s Transportation Secretary with an article entitled, “Pete Buttigieg is right. Airports are romantic.” (Buttigieg proposed to his husband in an airport.) We also learned from a journalist who profiled Buttigieg in 2018 that his favorite board game is “Ticket to Ride,” which is about trains. Planes, trains, and automobiles: Pete Buttigieg knows them all.

Drew Holden again decided to bring the receipts by providing a side-by-side listing of news stories covering Buttigieg’s upcoming nomination and that of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, whose “troublesome” tenure is coming to an end.

A board game? There’s some serious journalism.

Buttigieg has “a personal love for transportation,” rode Amtrak while in college, and proposed in an airport. Qualified!

First openly gay cabinet member? Paging Rick Grenell.

“Travel in my mind is synonymous with … love.”

“A political trailblazer, a technocrat and an intellectual wunderkind” … and also Beau Biden resurrected.