We’d hate to be one of the losers of the Democratic primaries and still not have a gig lined up in Joe Biden’s cabinet. After all, he picked one of the least popular candidates to be his running mate, and now word is he’s tapped Pete Buttigieg to be his Secretary of Transportation. (No word yet on him making Beto O’Rourke his gun control czar, thank goodness.)

Adam Wren, a writer and editor based out of Indianapolis, did a profile on Buttigieg in 2018 and learned that Buttigieg’s favorite board game is “Ticket to Ride.”

Biden loves trains, Buttigieg loves trains … expect some more of those multi-billion-dollar high-speed trains to nowhere like the one California was supposed to have. Does Biden remember that one of his old bosses’ campaign promises was to build a network of high-speed trains linking the country?