We told you about NPR’s contribution to media coverage of Joe Biden’s transportation secretary pick Pete Buttigieg.

That’s bad. But if anyone can outdo NPR, it’s the Washington Post.

Fortunately for all of us, WaPo is up to the challenge:

We’d love to post an excerpt of the “article,” but we read it and honestly the whole thing is absolutely nauseating.

Ah, what the hell? It’s the holidays and we’d like you to share in our nausea, so here’s how it ends:

About a year later, they were about to take another short winter vacation. They stopped by B5 as usual, where it was crowded with irritated travelers. Peter suggested they stand behind the gate agent’s desk to look at the planes, a private moment amid the chaos. Chasten writes that Peter said that “life with him would always be this way, if I were okay with it — sneaking moments away, an adventure both coming and going.”

Then Pete reached into his backpack, got down on one knee and proposed with a ring.

“I really, really hadn’t seen it coming, but of course I said yes,” Chasten writes, adding that they grabbed coffee and boarded their flight. A typical airport experience: routine mixed with a little magic. “I spent the whole flight looking over at Peter. How did I get so lucky?”


Pete and Chasten Buttigieg are indeed lucky to have found love in an airport.

We are far less fortunate to have to read about it as if it’s news of consequence.

We’d like to send WaPo to the airport, too. And put them on a plane headed straight for Gitmo.

Seriously, this has to be some sort of crime, right? It’s a crime against our appetites, at the very least.

It’s definitely a crime against journalism (or what journalism is supposed to be).

To be fair, it’s hard to be embarrassed when you’re as shameless as WaPo.

Probably not, but now that they’re here, they might as well lean into it all the way.

It’s gonna be a fun four-plus years.