Joe Biden hasn’t been inaugurated yet, but it’s nice to see that the media aren’t waiting until he’s sworn in to resume their duties as White House lapdogs.

Media have spent a great deal of time fawning over Biden’s transportation secretary pick Pete Buttigieg in particular, because he’ll be the first openly gay presidential cabinet member if you pretend that Richard Grenell didn’t exist.

So when Buttigieg explained yesterday why he was born to be transportation secretary …

It was only natural that outlets like NPR start filling up the drool buckets:

That’s literally NPR’s story about Buttigieg: that he loves airports and his husband.

For what it’s worth, S.E. Cupp, who’s totally ridin’ with Biden, is nevertheless rolling her eyes at this:

And she’s definitely not the only one.

What a time to be alive.

Actually, we should care. No, not about Buttigieg liking transportation (despite its inherent injustice), but about the fact that this is the sort of “journalism” we’re in store for for at least the next four years.

The Guardians of Truth have stepped down off their soapboxes and crawled right back up the White House’s butt. Guess it’s safer in there.