President-elect Joe Biden pick for Transportation Secretary is none other than the illustrious Pete Buttigieg.

And you know what that means: a whole lotta fawning articles about America’s first out-and-proud gay cabinet member.

History made!

Say what?!

Richard Grenell? Who’s he? We feel like we’ve heard that name before … oh yeah:

Well, to be fair, just this year was, like, 200 years ago.

That seems to be going around:

The New York Times shirked their responsibility a bit, though, by acknowledging that Buttigieg would be the first out gay member of Joe Biden’s cabinet:

But they still effectively erased Richard Grenell, and that’s what really matters.

As an LGBT conservative, Chad Felix Greene knows what it’s like to be ignored — if not outright demeaned — by the MSM. And he’s got some choice words for Buttigieg and for Joe Biden:

Put your money where your mouth is, Joe.

Hypocrisy on the part of the incoming Biden administration and the media.

In other words, exactly what we’ve come to expect.

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