Pete Buttigieg is on the precipice of making history as the first openly gay member of a presidential cabinet (besides Richard Grenell, anyway). His role? Transportation Secretary.

And it’s a role he was apparently born to play:

Isn’t that special? It’s so special.

But just because travel is synonymous with love doesn’t mean it’s loving. After all, as Buttigieg points out, transportation policies can also reinforce racial, economic, and environmental injustice:

O Transportation, thou art a harsh and fickle mistress!

Guess you’re just a bad person, then.

Who’s excited about Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg?

Dear Lord. It’s going to happen, isn’t it?

Good question.

Pete Buttigieg himself is working to ensure that he will never truly be able to fix the pothole:

The Biden administration is a pothole. And we’re about to get stuck in it.