As Twitchy reported Monday, after Joe Biden gave a short speech in what looked like his backyard, an ABC News reporter called out the hard-hitting question, “Are the gloves off?” We know that journalists assigned to cover Biden (and those that aren’t) are anxious for him to disprove President Trump’s “Sleepy Joe” moniker and for him to actually get out there and, you know, campaign.

Biden was in Tampa, Florida Tuesday, where he was greeted by more Trump supporters than his own. He spoke to veterans about veterans, skipping over the VA scandal under the Obama administration, and then ran to catch his private jet. We thought Trump was the “climate arsonist,” but it looks like Biden will fly from Delaware to Florida and back to speak to a handful of people and then not take questions.

The Biden campaign tweeted a photo of Biden apparently jogging up the steps of the plane:

Monday’s speech was all about climate change bringing fires, floods, and hurricanes to your suburb if he’s not elected.

There was video, though, so we got to see him talk about the upcoming Harris-Biden administration.

She is.