As Twitchy reported this weekend, Joe Biden called a lid at 9 a.m. Saturday, meaning that there wouldn’t be any media appearances and reporters on the beat essentially had the day off. That left CBS News’ Kathryn Watson wondering “why Biden isn’t doing more to show he can outwork Trump.” She acknowledged the COVID-19 pandemic and said it’s obvious why he’s not out shaking hands, but why didn’t Biden’s capable team come up with something to show they’re serious about the campaign so close to the election?

ABC News’ Beatrice-Elizabeth Peterson seems to share Watson’s concern that Biden’s heart really isn’t into this. “Are the gloves off?” she yelled to Biden as he walked away from the very tiny gaggle of reporters in their coronavirus-safe circles. For the record, the answer was “yes.”

He’s gonna take President Trump out behind the gym and beat him like a drum. Biden’s probably frustrated because with his COVID-19-safe events, he can’t lose his temper and poke his finger into people’s chests for asking him tough questions … dog-faced pony soldiers.

Reporters don’t seem to think Biden’s taken the gloves off yet, and they’re getting anxious.