Joe Biden’s compulsive hair-sniffing and neck-nuzzling was such an issue as he launched his presidential campaign he even put out a video explaining that that’s just his way of “making connections,” but he’d do his best to respect personal space from now on.

As Twitchy reported Thursday, VICE News had put together a supercut of Biden telling problematic town hall members NOT to vote for him, and the video featured him confronted over climate change and putting his hands on the shoulders of one questioner and pushing another one in the chest — before telling them to vote for someone else.

Mobilize for the Wild posted a video this week of a member confronting Biden over his climate change policy, and again he couldn’t stop himself from poking a potential voter in the chest. Ever get the feeling Biden’s barely holding back some serious anger about having to actually, you know, run?

Or challenge them to push-ups.

Seriously, is Biden suppressing a whole lot of “white male rage” or what? Is he going to try that during the debates?